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Musings on Disneyland

Earlier this summer, I was a few days away from my first trip to Disneyland in 8 years when a last minute family reunion was scheduled. Family comes first, so, barring some miracle, my reunion with Walt’s park will have to wait at least another… Read More »Musings on Disneyland

The Lone Ranger Falls Flat at Box Office


Disney’s The Lone Ranger had a horrible holiday box office managing to lasso only a paltry $49 million over the five days. Even when you add in the international box office of $23 million, it doesn’t match the $82 million made by Despicable Me 2 at the domestic theaters. So where did Disney go wrong with this film?

Let’s look at the growing list of complaints:

  • First of all the film was too violent and word got out that you should not bring your young’ens. This made the choice of which movie over the holiday to see very easy for families. I really have to question the creative choice to make such a violent film. Keeping the blood to a minimum doesn’t count when you’re cutting out the heart of a character just off screen, shooting down a whole tribe of Native Americans, killing a bunch of soldiers, and shooting up a town. Disney Studio executives would do well to remember that the Disney name used to stand for something at the box office – quality family entertainment. Be definition you can’t provide that when the rating is PG-13 for violence.  Read More »The Lone Ranger Falls Flat at Box Office

Disney Announces 2nd Quarter Results

Yesterday the Walt Disney Company announced its second quarter profit report. (FYI, DIS FYE is October.) Yeah, profit declined a bit, 1.2%, for the whole company. But all in all revenue is up and expenses should be rising as the company attempts to restart its… Read More »Disney Announces 2nd Quarter Results