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Anaheim Resort

Anaheim Resort Debate, Vote Postponed So Talk Can Continue

Talks between Disney and the developer for a proposed mixed-use housing complex inside the Anaheim Resort District continue. In fact, rather than decide anything last night, the Anaheim City Council has postponed their vote two weeks to give the two parties time to come to a compromise. My suggestion… a trade. Just like the EPA… Read More »Anaheim Resort Debate, Vote Postponed So Talk Can Continue

Anaheim and Long Beach

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Sarah Tully of the Orange County Register brings us another piece on the ongoing dispute in Anaheim between the tourist businesses and the housing developers over land in the Anaheim Resort District.  This time, SOAR, the pro-tourism group, has offered a report showing that a hotel and retail complex would generate more tax money than… Read More »Anaheim and Long Beach

Anaheim’s Neighbor to the South Still Trying

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Deepa Bharath of the Orange County Register reports that the City of Garden Grove, which is directly south of Anaheim, is still looking to enhance the area along Harbor Boulevard. Garden Grove has been trying to hitch itself to the Anaheim Resort train for a… Read More »Anaheim’s Neighbor to the South Still Trying

Shameless Plug – New Kenversations(TM) Column Posted

Yes, it’s shameless plug time. The latest edition of Kenversations(TM) was posted today at It’s all about the crossroads were now facing in Anaheim between "giving up" on the Anaheim Resort or upgrading the Anaheim Resort.

What About the People There Now?

Dana Parsons writes in his Los Angeles Times column about the people who currently inhabit the piece of land that is the subject of an Anaheim Resort zoning fight. Caught between a developer, SunCal Cos., which wants to build new residences where their trailers stand, and the Disney Co., which doesn’t want the units there… Read More »What About the People There Now?

Anaheim Vote Goes Against Disney

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The City of Anaheim’s Council has voted against Disney and other supporters of maintaining the Anaheim Resort District zoning, siding with a housing developer.  The Los Angeles Times coverage is here, and the Orange County Register‘s coverage is here, with reader comments (some may be rude) below the article. From the Times: About 150 resort… Read More »Anaheim Vote Goes Against Disney

Fewer RV Parks Near Disneyland

Sarah Tully of The Orange County Register provides an update on Travelers World, an RV park northeast  of the Disneyland Resort that’s within the Anaheim Resort zoning, which has just closed. Property owners had given the remaining residents six months’ notice to vacate the Disneyland-area park by the end of the year to clear the… Read More »Fewer RV Parks Near Disneyland