Discovery Cove turns 15 today

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The Grand Reef now open at Discovery Cove

This weekend marked the opening of a large expansion to SeaWorld Orlando’s neighbor park Discovery Cove. The Grand Reef improves upon the previous snorkeling experience by making the fish more accessible and by adding new experiences that improve the value of a day in the all-inclusive park. With the Grand Reef, Discovery Cove has achieved the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation, a fully immersive tropical escape, yours to discover, because you deserve the best.

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“The Grand Reef takes Discovery Cove’s world-class animal encounters to an all new level — several, actually,” said Stewart Clark, the park’s vice president. “It’s what our guests expect from us, unforgettable connections with the sea and making memories that will last forever. This could only be created by Discovery Cove.”

As a visitor at the new Grand Reef, you get to decide how much of the experience you want to enjoy. You can choose to just wet your feet or go deep among the fish. Step into tranquil, shallow waters to discover a below-the-surface world teeming with sea life, or snorkel in deeper waters as thousands of exotic fish and graceful rays swim around them. The zero-entry beach makes this part of the park enjoyable by everyone.

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