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Roy vows to continue the fight

Roy E Disney and vow to continue the fight to oust Eisner even after Michael announces his eventual resignation. “We will definitely continue in our battle,” Disney said in a telephone interview from Sardinia, Italy, where he is competing in the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup with his boat, Pyewacket. “We already have devised the… Read More »Roy vows to continue the fight

Post Eisner Coming Clearer?

Is the future of the Walt Disney Company post Michael Eisner coming clearer? Michael thinks so and has told the board that he supports Bob Iger to be his successor. This is important because the Disney Board of Directors has some decisions to make shortly regarding another contract for Iger. Iger would like some wording… Read More »Post Eisner Coming Clearer?

Post Charley Report?

Jones said the structures at Disney, Epcot, MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom are “built so well. They are built to ‘the Epcot building code,’ which, in a nutshell, is better than or equal to any other building code out there.” As we look at the approach of Hurricane Frances, here’s a story on how well… Read More »Post Charley Report?

Frances Fury Forces Changes

I can’t believe it’s only been three weeks and I’m already talking again about how a Hurricane will affect Disney Property, its employees and guests, and the people who live in the area. Last year when they warned it would be a tough hurricane system, the results only fizzled. This year they warned it could… Read More »Frances Fury Forces Changes

Casino Dream, just that says OC.

No worries about Garden Grove building that Casino. Orange County’s board has nixed the idea. Council members said Tuesday that a casino would not fit into the city’s family oriented vision and would face strong community opposition. “It is very clear to me that there is widespread opposition to gambling in Orange County,” Councilman Mark… Read More »Casino Dream, just that says OC.

Fascinating tale of Charley

The ABC weatherman said the storm would hit WDW with full force at 8:16 pm. 8:10 pm: The storm hit us with full force. The ABC guy was only off by 6 minutes! Yet another fascinating tale of living through the wrath of Hurricane Charley. This time from one of’s WDW experts. [After Charley]… Read More »Fascinating tale of Charley

Disneyland Secret

I’d like to thank my readership (all thirteen of you) for your patience and continued patronage while I ran off to Southern California for my son’s first birthday. It was wonderful thanks in large part to the excellent planning by my incredible wife. We even managed to make it to Disneyland for a little RnR… Read More »Disneyland Secret

Speaking of Micro Charities

Speaking of Micro-Charities, I hope you all are watching the best feel good TV show of the year — Disney’s Extreme Home Makever. The selection process ensures that the money and donations is going to a family that is truely in need. And the result is always a tearful happy joyful ending and a new… Read More »Speaking of Micro Charities