Disneyland Secret

I’d like to thank my readership (all thirteen of you) for your patience and continued patronage while I ran off to Southern California for my son’s first birthday. It was wonderful thanks in large part to the excellent planning by my incredible wife. We even managed to make it to Disneyland for a little RnR on Sunday. This last sunday was the first nonblackout day for the Southern California Pass which means the Annual Passholders were out in droves. Even managed to fill most of the parking structure yesterday.

Apparently Annual Passholders weren’t the only people drawn to the park this weekend. While touring the shops on Main Street I saw Geena Davis (Cutthroat Island, Thelma & Louise) enjoying the park as well. For some reason I thought she would be in Athens right now participating in the archery events. She had on the usual Disneyland celebrity disguise, a baseball cap drawn low, but Davis is tall (and very pretty in person with a great smile that makes you melt when she flashes it at you), so it was tough to hide that way.

But here’s the real Disneyland secret. You have a much better chance at spotting celebrities and VIPs in the park if you keep your eyes peeled for the red and black plaid vested Disneyland Host or Hostess. If you see one walking around with a small family, chances are one of them is a VIP.

Speaking of celebrities at Disneyland, remind me to tell you about the time Superman stepped on my leg at Disneyland. Well, Dean Cain (the 90s version of Superman) at least.