Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was previewed for the press and travel agents earlier in May. The official opening was announced for May 28, but additional opportunities to preview the roller coaster are expected between now and then. If you won’t have a chance to ride or just want a bit more insight into what to expect, I’ve written my take on this journey into the story of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, sharing moments from the movie that have never been possible before today.

No matter which direction you approach Snow White’s Mountain from, you are greeted by a Fairytale Forest. As you approach, you notice a small mountain rising out of the forest. It appears to be the home to a gem mine, and if listen close, faint sounds of happy work emanate from within. Near one end of the forest you spot the work of talented craftsmen and a sign inviting you in to tour the mine.

Moving down the wide trail, you can just see a small carefully cared for cottage through through the woods. Ahead of you are small wooden shelters that appear to be part of the mining operation. Inside the largest of the two shelters is a slough used to wash and sort gems from the mine. You can even stop and help for a while if you like. There is also a gem washing station that plays a musical tune as you help clean the gems. It’s quite clever and you scratch your head wondering how it’s done.