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3-D Cinema Here to Stay This Time?

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Nicole Sperling and Carolyn Giardina of The Hollywood Reporter write that "Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D" was the tipping point. Still, many challenges on the deployment of digital cinema remain. More than 2,000 screens out of 43,000 nationwide have been deployed, with technology integrator AccessIT being the most bullish in its rollout. The… Read More »3-D Cinema Here to Stay This Time?

Meet Phil McNally

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Movies Online has an interview with Phil McNally, Stereoscopic Supervisor for "Meet the Robinsons." Q: When you think about a 3D movie, do you think about it as if it were on a stage with real sets? PM: Yeah. I think that is a good comparison. It’s much more like a theatrical experience, in that… Read More »Meet Phil McNally

Cameron’s 3-D Flick is Still Two Years Away, But…

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The Los Angeles Times has run an editorial on the new push for 3-D cinema.  There’s even a recounting of what sounds like an early version of Alien/Stitch Encounter: Selected chairs were equipped with hidden vibrating devices. At the film’s climactic moment, the scorpion-like Tingler seemed to rip through the screen toward the audience, then… Read More »Cameron’s 3-D Flick is Still Two Years Away, But…

Tugger, an ex-Disney Film

Tugger, The Jeep Who Wanted to Fly was produced by Genesis Orlando, a tiny animation house in Celebration founded by a Disney veteran. And it will star another Disney vet: Jim Belushi will sing and talk as the voice of Tugger in the 3-D computer-animated cartoon Tugger is one of the first of a new… Read More »Tugger, an ex-Disney Film

3D – home disney movies

Break out those 3-D glasses, 3D DisVids has released a set of 3-D home movies taken at Disney themeparks. So far we have The Nightmare Before Christmas version of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion and The It’s A Small World Holiday. They work great on your screen. Try it at home!

China set to compete on world market with Animated Feature

In manufacturing, this country already rules the textile world, the production of computer parts and countless other items that Americans all but take for granted. Now, with the sophisticated images coming out of this studio, China seems to be serving notice to the Disneys and Pixars of the world that its day is arriving in… Read More »China set to compete on world market with Animated Feature

Haunted Mansion in 3-D

With Halloween just a few weeks away, it’s time to prepare those graveyards and spooky tributes to Disney’s famous Haunted Mansions. Ray Keim has created an online step by step resource for those who wish recreate the mansion on their computer in glorious 3-D. I love this amazing image of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion covered in… Read More »Haunted Mansion in 3-D