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Meet Phil McNally

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Movies Online has an interview with Phil McNally, Stereoscopic Supervisor for "Meet the Robinsons."

Q: When you think about a 3D movie, do you think about it as if it were on a stage with real sets?

PM: Yeah. I think that is a good comparison. It’s much more like a theatrical experience, in that you’re literally seeing the people, relative to each other in space. And, it’s not like regular movies don’t have depth. Of course, there’s always composition for depth. There’s perspective, which gives you depth cues, and all that type of thing. But, with stereoscopic movie making, you’re literally able to put depth in between the characters and separate things out or pull them together or push them back and make the city look big, or see the bowl hat fly up the through the rafters and really feel like you’re up there and feel the space that’s down to the floor.

It’s not one of those short, superficial interviews.  It’s a good read.  Check it out.