The ABC weatherman said the storm would hit WDW with full force at 8:16 pm. 8:10 pm: The storm hit us with full force. The ABC guy was only off by 6 minutes! Yet another fascinating tale of living through the wrath of Hurricane Charley. This time from one of's WDW experts. [After Charley]
I've got 4 Gmail Invites to give away. Post your favorite Disney Themepark and explain why in the comments below and I'll send out Gmail invites to the best. (Best being purely subjective with me as the final and sole judge, of course.)
WDWMagic reports that Disney World's Electrical Water Pageant is back up and running after repairs were made to the floats damaged by Hurricane Charley. The water parade was not scheduled to be up and running until the end of August, so it looks like repairs were completed quicker than the original estimates. Good for Disney.
Cg-Char has a discussion board based interview with Doug Bennett where the board members get to ask the questions. Doug is currently a Supervising Animator at Disney Feature Animation on Chicken Little, the first totally CG animated film from Disney. His previous work includes Disney's Treasure Planet, Fantasia2000, and the Care Bears animated TV show.
Make way for The Incredibles, the next animated feature from Pixar. The buzz is building to a frenzied pace and the pic isn't even opening until November 5th. The Orlando Sentinel piles on with a story about the buzz and the films skew toward adult topics.