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Arrghhh Mateys.

It be talk like a pirate day, it be. So in honor of this occasion I bring to you this treasure: points us to a wonderful tribute to Disneyland’s Pirate fortune teller Fortune Red. Fortune Red can still be found at Disneyland, but both parks use to have larger groups of classic arcade machines.… Read More »Arrghhh Mateys.

How to enjoy Orlando in August

On the way to the orchid show, we quickly saw the work of Charley, which had smashed its fist through an atrium of one hotel and peeled the stucco off another like an orange. Yet on the Disney grounds, the cleanup had been quick and efficient. Nary a shrub was out of place at Epcot… Read More »How to enjoy Orlando in August

Disney, Copyright Infringement, and Me: A documentary

A new open source movie called: Willful Infringement: Mickey and Me is available online. In the footsteps of Michael Moore, this is the story of Jed Horovitz and his legal dispute with the Disney Corporation regarding copyright infringement, as told by Mr. Horovitz.

Eisner’s Legacy?

Kevin Baxter from Themepark Insider examines Eisner’s company legacy and comes up with a few ideas for the last two years of his reign… mainly follow the Oriental Land Company’s lead and speand some big bucks on the parks.

Will the next contestant please stand up?

The hollywood buzz machine had identified the CEO of Yahoo! as a potential replacement for Eisner. Terry Semel is not that far out of a choice, he helped run a movie studio for 20 years and brought a profitable diversity to its product range. At Yahoo! he has helped to do the same thing. Could… Read More »Will the next contestant please stand up?

Doobie’s Back!!!

Now that the hurricane’s appear to have left the Orlando area for a bit, things are getting back to normal for’s webmaster. As such he is back with his bi-monthly roundup of the latest changes, rumors, and new attractions at Disney’s American Themeparks. Go check it out!