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Peter Emmerich

Peter Emmerich, who for many years worked as a Character Artist for the Walt Disney Company before he was appointed as chief Illustrator for the Disneyland Resort, replacing Charles Boyer, has his own blog. He’s currently teaching art in NYC, but there is the occaisional post reminiscing about his Disney days such as the one  about the spring release of Disney Stamps for which he did the illustrations.

2 thoughts on “Peter Emmerich”

  1. Peter,
    I recently received my USA Philatelic catalog from USPS. I was so happy you’ve have honored my favorite princess Aurora!!!
    However–I can “sort of” agree with a few changes that you’ve made(since as we age so do our features
    change)Like darker blonde hair and skin and her nose. BUT why why why did you change her beautiful
    BLUE eyes to brown??????? Everyone knows that!!
    I’m surprised that you didn’t feel Walt pricking the back of your neck with a needle from a spinning wheel when you were changing the color!!
    I will have give you the “poo pooh” for that

  2. Throughout the movie Aurora has brown eyes. When she is kissed by the prince however, she opens her eyes and they are blue. Some say she has lilac colored eyes. It was a conscious decision to make them brown as opposed to blue or lilac since we had a choice.

    This was not a mistake or an oversight and essentially boils down to a matter of opinion. Very careful consideration is taken in designing and executing these images and this image received Studio approval in all aspects.

    So my response to the statement such as “Everyone knows that!!!” is no, everyone does NOT know that, maybe even yourself.

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