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Lost 5.16 & 17: The Incident

***beware spoilers begin IMMEDIATELY***

Oh, Losties. My heart is broken. Eight months until season 6? A WHITE Screen O’Lost? A dead John Locke? A despondant Sawyer? A sacrificial Juliet? Miles yelling, “Dad!” It’s too much to bear!

I can already feel my wordiness bubbling up. So grab some oreos and sit tight. We’ve got lots to talk about…

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Lost 5.15: Follow The Leader

I’m a day late on my recap. I know you’ve been anxiously waiting by the computer for it. Let’s just blame it on computer error and frugal living (aka we don’t have cable right now). But big thank yous to our illustrious Disney Blog editor, John Frost who is letting me post and gush a little tardy.  I’ve been writing the post in my head all day because it was such a delicious episode! It was an obvious lead up to the finale because every single character was in it! This is my FAVE. I love when we see everyone. (OK, no Desmond. But basically EVERYONE.)

There were no flashbacks or forwards…it was just present day. Well, present day 1977 and present day 2007. Only in LOST can you have two present days!

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Lost 5.14: The Variable

It’s finally happened. Lost has forayed so far into time-travel and sci-fi that I can’t keep up. If you are finding my recap here at The Disney Blog for the first time, I promise I am not really a moron. I swear I’m really a Lostie. But for the life of me, I will not be able to give a good theory or a well-thought out conjecture on what is happening on The Island. If you need some geeky-goodness check out Popular Mechanics post or Doc Jensen’s recap. If you’re just wanting to gush, roll your eyes or use lots of exclamation points, then you’ve come to the right place.


Let’s begin with our George McFly-wannabe, Daniel Faraday…

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Lost 5.12: Dead is Dead

Can I just say that Benjamin Linus is the creepiest, scariest, most conniving enigma of a character that has ever been on television? I do not think I believed one word that dripped from his lips last night. In fact, it might just be my sleep-deprived state, but I don’t even know if I trusted his flashbacks!

You know I don’t like spoilers. I don’t even watch previews. So, I was surprised that this was such a heavy Lost-mythology and Other-history episode. But even with a Ben-flashback, the reappearance of Charles Widmore, Smokey, the Temple, John Locke’s new omniciense, I still feel like I don’t know a thing! I’m lost and lovin’ it!

So, let’s get to it. I’m just not really sure where to start…how about with Ben’s flashbacks?

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Lost 5.11: Whatever Happened, Happened

Oh, Losties! Did you miss me? Did you even notice I was gone? I missed last week’s Lost episode (my promised Sayid episode) because I was on a Disney Cruise. Let’s all pause for a moment and let that deliciousness sink in. Ahhhh.

Now, back to Lost. I honestly wasn’t in love with last week’s episode. It seemed…I don’t know, boring. This week had the same feel—in that it was retro-Lost complete with honest-to-goodness flashbacks. But I liked it. Even being Kate-centric, I liked it. When that black screen o’Lost came up at the end, I said, “Are you kidding me?!” Like I read on twitter last night, “Lost is the shortest hour on television.” (or something like that—but ain’t it the truth?)

OK, let’s get to it. Even though this was a Kate episode, it was very character heavy. But, let’s start with Kate’s flashback…

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Lost 5.9: Namaste

Namaste. It’s one of those hippie yogi words that the Dharma Initiative uses as a greeting. And I think that’s exactly what this episode was—an intro into the second half of the season. This episode was just assembling our little cast into their positions so the war…or the epic…or the purge…or the cataclysmic event can take place.

Now, let’s find out how our Losties/Oceanic Six/Five/Dharma-ites are doing. I really wanted to go by character, but with so many new relationships happening, I was getting confused. So, I guess we’ll just have to go straight through. Or as straight as I can manage. Here we go…

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Lost 5.8: La Fleur

As much as I wanted to see a flashforward/back/present day story about Sayid…uhm, I don’t think there could be anything better than an Island story about Sawyer!! And it turned out better than I could have hoped—Sawyer is HAPPY. That’s all I’ve wanted–a happy Sawyer! The last scene has me a little worried about someone else’s happiness though. But we’ll get to that.

This is going to be a fun one to recap because there were only two main time periods. Imagine that. Well, actually, there was a brief scene…

Remember when Locke disappeared down the well? And the flash of light came leaving Sawyer holding a rope buried in the ground? We picked up our story here and once our soft-hearted Sawyer stopped trying to dig Locke out of the ground, Miles points out a giant statue in the distance—the 4-toed statue from Season 2. Only now it’s completely intact. And looks frighteningly Egyptian…possibly the body of a man, head of an animal—and maybe holding an ankh in each hand. But before they can contemplate this disturbing image further the biggest and worst flash of light occurs. They comment on how terrible it was and Juliet says, “Locke did it.” Which means the time skipping has stopped and little do they know they have landed in…

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Lost 5.7: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

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We didn’t get to see the rest of our Losties on the Island. We still don’t know where Rose and Bernard are. Yes, it’s been two weeks since a peek at Sawyer’s shirtless self. But oh, my goodness did I love last night’s episode! I’ve always been on Team Locke and I loved seeing every minute of Locke’s Jeremy Bentham story. There are two things I need to say first off—1)LOCKE IS ALIVE 2)Lost tricked us.

Yes, Lost tricked us. When we first heard about “Jeremy Bentham” they made it seem like our Oceanic Six had many dealings with him. That Jeremy Bentham was a name they spoke many times. And now I realize they did not. They had not. I guess that’s why I’ve been so surprised at how quickly they are back on The Island. I assumed “Jeremy Bentham” would have been off The Island for a longer period of time. Oh well, I guess it’s neither here nor there now. Enough of MY Jeremy Bentham story. Let’s get to the real Jeremy Bentham story!

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