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30. sahm. wish i was lost. love minnie & mickey.
  • Lost 5.16 & 17: The Incident
    Lost 5.16 & 17: The Incident

    ***beware spoilers begin IMMEDIATELY*** Oh, Losties. My heart is broken. Eight months until season 6? A WHITE Screen O’Lost? A dead John Locke? A despondant Sawyer? A sacrificial Juliet? Miles yelling, “Dad!” It’s too much to bear! I can already feel my wordiness bubbling up. So grab some oreos and…

  • Lost 5.15: Follow The Leader
    Lost 5.15: Follow The Leader

    I’m a day late on my recap. I know you’ve been anxiously waiting by the computer for it. Let’s just blame it on computer error and frugal living (aka we don’t have cable right now). But big thank yous to our illustrious Disney Blog editor, John Frost who is letting…

  • Lost 5.14: The Variable
    Lost 5.14: The Variable

    It’s finally happened. Lost has forayed so far into time-travel and sci-fi that I can’t keep up. If you are finding my recap here at The Disney Blog for the first time, I promise I am not really a moron. I swear I’m really a Lostie. But for the life…

  • Lost 5.12: Dead is Dead
    Lost 5.12: Dead is Dead

    Can I just say that Benjamin Linus is the creepiest, scariest, most conniving enigma of a character that has ever been on television? I do not think I believed one word that dripped from his lips last night. In fact, it might just be my sleep-deprived state, but I don’t…

  • Lost 5.9: Namaste
    Lost 5.9: Namaste

    Namaste. It’s one of those hippie yogi words that the Dharma Initiative uses as a greeting. And I think that’s exactly what this episode was—an intro into the second half of the season. This episode was just assembling our little cast into their positions so the war…or the epic…or the…

  • Lost 5.8: La Fleur
    Lost 5.8: La Fleur

    As much as I wanted to see a flashforward/back/present day story about Sayid…uhm, I don’t think there could be anything better than an Island story about Sawyer!! And it turned out better than I could have hoped—Sawyer is HAPPY. That’s all I’ve wanted–a happy Sawyer! The last scene has me…

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