Lost 5.9: Namaste

Namaste. It’s one of those hippie yogi words that the Dharma Initiative uses as a greeting. And I think that’s exactly what this episode was—an intro into the second half of the season. This episode was just assembling our little cast into their positions so the war…or the epic…or the purge…or the cataclysmic event can take place.

Now, let’s find out how our Losties/Oceanic Six/Five/Dharma-ites are doing. I really wanted to go by character, but with so many new relationships happening, I was getting confused. So, I guess we’ll just have to go straight through. Or as straight as I can manage. Here we go…

We begin with our dear pilot Lapidus. I’m not sure how this poor guy gets roped into Lost-land but he’s in it for the long haul. He’s flying the plane when the turbulence begins. We see a flash of light a la the Island-skipping then suddenly the green green Island appears. Our brilliant pilot saves the day by making an emergency landing on…wait for it…a landing strip! (Remember Kate and Sawyer busting up rocks for a runway when they were captured by The Others in season 3?)

Soon our new-Losties are gathered around Lapidus on the beach. He tells them someone will be looking for them and they should stay put. Caesar (channeling Jack, the king of The Island) pulls up and starts raging about pillaging the buildings in the jungle. And just then a sneaky Ben heads out into the jungle…with Sun close on his heels.

Ben is, of course, headed to the other island…The Island. And Sun decides to go with him. But for some reason, Lapidus follows both of them. When they arrive to the far side of the beach (where some boats are hidden), Lapidus tries to sway Sun from going with Ben. Ben (freakish as ever) tells Lapidus that he has a group of people he needs to take care of. He spouts the location of the town he used to live (uh…Otherton) and just then WHACK! Sun takes an oar to his head.


Soon Frank and Sun are paddling across the water and just happen to come right up to the dock of Otherton…where the submarine used to be tethered. (Can subs be tethered?)

It’s interesting though, because the dock is in disarray. It’s derelict, dark, dismal and decidedly dirty. (thank you.) Smokey makes a slight little appearance…like maybe he was just sniffing Sun and Lapidus out. They then walk into Otherton and it looks deserted…like Dharma hopped on a heli themselves in the middle of the day and just left. Suddenly, a light comes on in one of the buildings. And a mysterious silhouette appears.

(I was screaming at this point, “Who is it?! It’s Christian! Is it? Who is it?!”) And I was right—Christian shows up. Looking as clean and alive as ever. Sun asks about Jin and with typical Christ-like-allusions Christian answers, “Follow Me.” (see the Bible.) He heads into one of Dharma’s old buildings and finds a picture on the wall…a picture of new Dharma recruits…featuring Hurley, Kate and Jack. And labeled 1977.

Christian’s next line is the set up for the rest of the season, “You have a bit of a journey ahead of you.”

Now. About Hurley and Kate and Jack. In 1977…

When our hero Sawyer sees his old/new found friends, he immediately realizes the danger they are in. They aren’t Dharma and they aren’t Hostiles. So, both sides may want them dead. After running home to Juliet and grabbing a few clothes (for Hurley?!) Juliet concocts a plan to assimilate our Oceanic 3 into a batch of new recruits that arriving via the submarine that afternoon.

Sawyer picks them up, barely explains anything (of course) and dumps them off on the front lawn of the Dharma barracks where a “Welcome New Recruits” banner is hung and a party is about to start. He tells them to blend in and Juliet has fixed it all to include them.

Jack is called first. By none other than Pierre Chang himself. (Does Jack recognize him from the films?) And according to Jack’s aptitude tests (aka cosmic irony) Jack’s jumpsuit says WORKMAN. (Ha!)

Kate is the last to be chosen. (Hatin’ it for you, Katie.) And when Phil (one of LeFleur’s security dunces) can’t find Kate on the list he is noticeably concerned. And honestly,  I think his head went straight to The Hostiles. Maybe they’ve tried this before? Anyway, just in time, Juliet entees and brings an updated list with her. And this, my friends was the best stare down of the season…Juliet sweet and smarmy as ever being Dhrama-sugary-sweet to a confused, broken down and now jilted Kate. I loved every second of it.

Soon, we see our new recruits taking the picture that Sun will see thirty years later (WHOA). But meanwhile…

Jin is running around The Island like a crazy man because he’s found out that Sun was on the plane, too. Hurley, Jack and Kate are still unsure if they crashed…or maybe they are sure they crashed. Regardless, they have no idea where everyone else is.

Jin heads staright to Patchy’s old haunt and who is there as Patchy’s predecessor? None other than Radzinksy. Remember him? Well, it’s because we never officially met him. He was Kelvin’s partner in the hatch. Oh, you don’t remember Kelvin? Kelvin is the one that conned Desmond into pushing the button for three years.

Now here’s the interesting part: Radzinsky is doing the same thing Patchy was doing—monitoring the outside world (really important things like The Muppet Show), the other Dharma stations AND constructing a model of The Swan. Which one is The Swan again? Oh yeah, THE HATCH.

But back to Jin. He runs into Radzinksy demanding that he look for a plane. Radzinsky thinks he’s crazy but finally does it. Just then, an alarm goes off because a Hostile has entered their turf.

Jin runs out of the building to look for The Hostile…or is he hoping it’s Sun? And who does he see running through the jungle? A hand-cuffed Sayid. Oh baby.

Jin treats him as a Hostile in front of Radzinsky to protect his Dharma-cover. Then calls Sawyer/LaFleur for help. Sawyer arrives and in a brilliant piece of dialogue, instructs Sayid to trust him.

Sawyer takes Sayid to a jail cell and leaves after another meaningful look in the eye.

Later that night, Jack asks Phil (the secrutiy dunce) where LeFleur’s house is. He walks up to it and Juliet answers. Typical Jack gets tears in his eyes and says he wanted to see her earlier. Then says, “I thought this was Sawyer’s house.” She says, “Come in.” And there’s Sawyer, sitting on the couch reading a book. Juliet says, “I’m sure you have lots to talk about.” And leaves. WHAAAT?!

Then Sawyer and Jack get into a wonderfully heated conversation. Jack, our man of science turned faith is now telling Sawyer to get off the couch and do something. (Typical.) Sawyer tells Jack to essentially get a life—he has to protect their identities and their life in Dharma-land. Sawyer escorts Jack to the door and sees Kate next door looking forlorn and worried. Sawyer waves and walks back into the house.


Now, let’s jump back to Sayid for a minute….

Our confused prisoner is laying on the bed when a tween-age boy enters with a bagged lunch. He tells the guard that he’s just bringing some food. He delivers it to Sayid (and is surprisingly chipper). The little boy asks if Sayid is a Hostile. Sayid says, “Do you think I am?” Then Sayid asks his name. He replies, “Ben.”

Duh, duh, duh.

The End

Mini Scenes I Didn’t Mention
1. Juliet & Amy. Just after Sawyer runs back to the North Plain to get our Oceanic 3, Juliet goes to Amy to get the sub manifest. Amy is lounging on a hammock in the middle of the Dharma compound. With a bassinet next to her. (I’m sorry, one day old? And she’s lounging on a hammock? How in the heck did she even get in there with a c-section scar? Whatever.) Juliet asks what name they’ve decided on for the baby. Amy says, “Ethan.” And Juliet gives another of her Emmy-deserving slight face tremors. It was brilliant. (Oh, but on the good side, as Juliet is leaving, Amy takes Ethan and begins to breastfeed. Finally, a baby eats on The Island!)

2. Miles. He’s just one of the gang now. When Juliet was looking for Sawyer (before he told her the Oceanic 3 had arrived), she heads straight to Miles who was watching the security screens. Later Miles is the one who brings the walkie to Sawyer when Jin calls about Sayid. I just like that Miles essentially has a better and definitely a longer relationship with them than the “original” Losties.

3. On their way to Dharma, the O3 and Sawyer try to get caught up. Of course in typical Lost fashion, they don’t remotely ask a good question. Sawyer finds out Locke is dead. Jack finds out Faraday “was” here. And Kate asks who else made it…but doesn’t get her answer till the aforementioned staredown! Woot!

Stuff To Talk About
1.    Sun, Ben and Frank (and Locke) are NOT in 1977. But when are they? Faaaar into the future where the Dharma barracks are falling apart? Or in a NEW-2007…one that’s been changed because of our Lostie’s arrival? However, I do think the scene we saw with Locke two episodes ago…when he “appears” on the beach with Caesar and Illana was AFTER this episode. Remember, they tell Locke that the pilot and a woman took off. AND Ben is unconcious—like maybe an oar to the head?
2.    Why are Sun, Ben, Frank & Locke NOT in 1977? Christian’s comment made me think Sun is going to have to make her way to the frozen donkey wheel, too.
3.    Where in the blue blazes is Faraday? Sawyer’s wording made me feel like Faraday’s still alive but is in some loony bin…or strapped to a rocking chair in a moving cabin. *shiver *
4.    Radzinsky. That was a cool twist. It makes the time line odd, though. Let’s see…Radzinsky is designing The Swan in 1977. We still have to get through building it, figuring out about the numbers and the button, escaping the Purge (which happened in 1992) and then living with Kelvin in the hatch. Good lord, no wonder he committed suicide. I want more Radzinsky.
5.    The Love Triangle. Suliet reigns this week! Sawyer and Juliet looked comfy and settled together. I didn’t see too much ogling or any wistful glances at Kate from Sawyer. AND Juliet could have snapped Kate in two, that’s for sure. It’s ridiculous how excited I am for THIS showdown.
6.     Jack & Sawyer. Their converation was brilliant. I should have just transcribed it for you. I felt like Sawyer was saying, “Look Doc, I am the leader here. You have been OFF The Island for three years. I know what’s going on. Don’t waltz in here and try to make something happen. That’s not how it works.” Loved it.

Even though this wasn’t an episode with lots of twists and turns, it had lots of talking points. And even though I agree with Sawyer…that action is overrated…I do want to know what they think their next step is. What exactly do they think they’re going to do? Grow old on The Island? Try to stop the bad stuff that’s going to happen? Resurrect Locke? Boone? Eko?
Whad’you think?

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13 thoughts on “Lost 5.9: Namaste”

  1. I totally forgot about the landing strip from season 3!!!

    I have NO IDEA why some losties were taken from the plane and others not. (sounds rapture-like, doesn’t it?) but i state again, time travel is CHEATING!!! :)

    Radzinsky – i totally missed that connection! but then that is why i look forward to your recap posts! (thank you!) :)

    I don’t mind at all the shifting with Sawyer….I like his new love connection and situation of power. Take that Jack!

    aren’t you curious what Kate was assigned to? and poor Sayid….stuck in a cell with ben waiting on him….now THERE’S a shift from season 2!

  2. I liked this episode because it filled in some holes and gave us a direction for the rest of the season.

    My thoughts:
    1. I don’t like Sawyer. I no longer like Jack. I big puffy heart Frank Lapidus!!! He’s my new hero! Don’t know what it is about him, but I lurve him!

    2. Sun. I’m so glad she whacked Ben with that oar! And Christian’s comment about a long journey. I think that she didn’t get “foomed” back to 1977 because she still needs to grow as a person and go through some hardship to do that. So her journey will be about developing character so that she can rejoin Jin and the rest of the Losties.

    3. Juliet is SO in control. She lets Sawyer think that he wears the pants, but she was in control of the situation the whole time. She forms a plan, manipulates and cons whoever she needs to, and ends up queen of the island. I wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley!

    4. Young Ben. The set of his jaw and the mean glint in his eyes tells me that he’s already damaged goods. Hmmmm…. It’s gonna get interesting!

    Great recap, great episode. Love this show!!

    1. 1. LOL about Frank! His hair was just freaking me out! But so glad he “rescued” Sun! Wonder what his connetion to The Island is? He’s got to have one…I mean, even before the freighter.

      2. True. Maybe it’s just personal with Sun. I’ve been reading lots of theories about her being Chang’s daughter, or her being preggo, etc. But none of them seem to jive. Maybe it is just The Island’s “whim”!

      3. Juliet! Juliet! Juliet!

      4. Cannot wait to hear how Sawyer/Juliet/Miles/Jin reacted when they first saw Young Ben.

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  4. Oh there is SO MUCH to talk about! In answer to your questions, here are some of the theories being batted around over at the LOST Book Blog …

    1) Sun & crew are in the “present day” – we know this because of the “Thirty Years Earlier” text that appeared before the Dharma scene came on. The dock area is destroyed b/c of the attack by the freighter guys (the ones who killed Alex).

    2) Sun didn’t get sucked back in time b/c Locke didn’t actually invite her back to the island (I love this theory, and no, I didn’t come up with it)

    3) possibly Faraday took the sub back to the real world where he build The Lamppost station?

    4) I totally missed the connection to Radzinsky until someone else pointed it out – and to the Swan = the Hatch too!

    5) I LOVE Sawyer and Juliet together, but I doubt it will end well (“Juliet” is a doomed name a la Romeo and Juliet …)

    6) Sawyer’s emphasis on reading makes me love him more and more. And I completely adored how he put Jack in his place.

    That’s all for me this week. :)

    1. 1. You think the dock’s disaray was from the freighter guys? Hmmm…it seemed more…I don’t know, deserted. But could be. I had forgotten about all their gunfire…remember Claire and Sawyer almost got blown up.

      2. Yeah, but Locke didn’t invite Frank either…or Ben technically. But still…Locke didn’t make it to 1977 either. So that’s weird.

      3. I LOVE the idea of Faraday and the sub and the Lampost! *shiver*

      4. Radzinsky still reallllly interests me.

      5. Nooooooo! Nooooooo! Juliet and Sawyer must live and have many children!

      6. I was personally hoping for MORE of a beatdown of Jack by Sawyer! ;)

  5. Just need to point out one thing. Namaste is used by the hippie dippy yoga community, but it is used with a reason. It is a greeting, essentially “hello,” in Hindi.
    Dharma is also a Hindu term, but I’m sure you already knew that.

  6. OH AMANDA, on #2: That’s exactly my point – Sun, Ben, and Frank were not “invited” back by Locke, so therefore they crashed with the rest of the passengers. And Locke has some sort of job to do so that why HE wasn’t sent back in time either.

    At least, that is the theory that I’ve been seeing around. :)

    However, I also like the Sun theory posted by Heather @ Not a DIY Life above …

  7. I wondered about Kate’s position at the Dharma camp too. Wonder if the writers are keeping that detail undisclosed because they haven’t decided yet?

    I thought it was Sawyer’s idea to pretend to have Jack, Kate and Hurley arriving on the sub and he was the one who made the work assignments out. Which is why I found the fact that Jack was a janitor so funny.

    I have a hard time liking Juliet and I think it’s for the very way you described her: smarmy. It totally fits. Either she’s not that great of an actress (which I doubt) so she can only portray a two dementional character or she’s a great actress who is able to show her smarminess at just under the surface kind of thing. I tend to think she’s a great actress because you can often see what she is thinking without her having to say it. You can see her inner dialogue. She couldn’t put baby Ethan down fast enough!

    Love the new shift in power from Jack to Sawyer. He may be a hot head, but like he said, so far no one’s gotten killed.

    A question: I was wondering if the native people of the island perhaps live forever and /or are ageless (in particular Richard) It seems that, and I could be wrong, that the only Others that have died are people of their group that aren’t native islanders. Have I missed something somewhere along the lines? And even though the two guys that tried to abduct Amy were killed and Richard claimed them as Others, they didn’t really look like Others to me. Am I reading too much into this?

  8. Did anybody else notice the lady standing back by boxes in the shadows when Sun was talking to Christian? My sister and I both yelled out “Who the f*)k was that!” She was just kinda hiding there in the back. I thought it might be Claire but my sister said her hair was to dark. I was just wondering who everybody else thought it was.

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