Jeff Heimbuch

Jeff Heimbuch lives along the Jersey Shore, but his heart lies at Walt Disney World. When not visiting the happiest place on Earth, he enjoys making movies.
  • Waking Sleeping Beauty DVD Review
    Waking Sleeping Beauty DVD Review

    Editor: Don’t forget to enter our giveaway contest for three Disney Documentary DVDs before December 13th. Every once in awhile, you see a Disney movie that is really special. Now, I’m not saying that every Disney movie doesn’t have a unique place in our lives. I enjoy every one a…

  • Epic Mickey Review
    Epic Mickey Review

    Ed: Please welcome new guest author Jeff Heimbuch with this excellent review When you think of video game stars, Mickey Mouse isn’t exactly one of the first to spring to mind. In fact, he might not even be on the list that is populated by Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong, and…

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