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Estelle H

Estelle, a TV junkie with a jam-packed DVR, loves theatre, cupcakes, and all things Disney. Check out her blog at Happy Place Blog and follow her on Twitter @thatsostelle.

Revenge 1.3: Betrayal… Round & Round We Go

…contains spoilers.

Another Wednesday, another life for Emily to destroy… who will it be this time?

Enter Senator Kingsley. Now a major player amongst the conservatives, Kingsley was the winning prosecutor in the case against Emily’s father, David. The senator and his family are friends of the Grayson’s (of course) and, much to Victoria’s chagrin, are invited to stay at their home as the senator preps for the launch of his reelection campaign.

We soon learn a few juicy tidbits. Back in the day, before the judge made a ruling, Victoria confronted Kingsley about David’s innocence – an admission that was caught by her husband. (His name is Conrad by the way.) “Don’t listen to her! She’s in love with him,” Conrad interrupts, and immediately threatens the end of Kingsley’s political future and his support if Kingsley listens to Victoria. Of course, we all know how that ends.

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