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Flash Forward, Episode 110: “A561984”

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And now we come to the end of the first of half of “Flash Forward’s” inaugural season. And we’ve come a lot farther in, what, 10 weeks? than I thought we would in terms of discovering who or what is behind everything…

Flash Forward, Episode 109: “Believe”

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Tonight’s episode marked another step in the format for “Flash Forward” that I hope continues, where some of the lesser stories are given more screen time while the main plot advances more or less in the periphery. Aaron and his daughter, and Dr. Bryce and his mystery Japanese lady are obvious secondary plots in the overall scheme, but are interesting nonetheless and help flesh out the characters that support our leads…

Flash Forward, Episode 107: “The Gift”

Well, this episode was a good deal better than the last. We finally get an answer to whether the futures seen in the flashes can be changed, as well as a heck of an unexpected cliff-hanger. That and an almost word-for-word replay of a scene from the premiere of “V” two days earlier (perhaps they themselves were having a flash-forward…). What more could you want?

Flash Forward, Episode 104: “Black Swan”

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Our secondary characters get a little more illumination this week as we find out why the babysitter vanished, a little more of what Dr. Bryce saw, and an ominous twist to our young dad’s background. Plus FBI partner angst, medical drama, and more terrorist connections than you can shake an ebony waterfowl at.

Flash Forward, Episode 103 “137 Sekunden”

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Sorry I’m a few days late in getting this commentary out – real life intervened, not to mention I didn’t get to watch the episode until late Friday night.  Anyway, getting on with the third episode, entitled “137 Sekunden”. I was a little disappointed with… Read More »Flash Forward, Episode 103 “137 Sekunden”

Flash Forward, Episode 102 “White to Play”

Looks like we’re developing a core theme to Flash Forward, that of dealing with a family and its own survival. Little “Charlie”, the daughter of main characters Mark and Olivia Benford, is understandably freaked about whatever she saw in her flash forward and it’s causing her to pull away from them and the rest of the world.