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What lies ahead for Star Wars Andor

The first season of Andor, the latest Star Wars series from Lucasfilm, is over and critics and fans rank it among the top Star Wars storytelling ever. Right now it sits at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.4/10 on IMDB.

Showrunner Tony Gilroy assembled a team that delivered a complete package. Writing, acting, composing, and world building are all done in a way that respects the viewer’s ability to put 2+2 together and manages to build tension despite the fact that the fate of the title character is already known in this prequel to Rogue One.

While season one of Andor took place over the course of a few months, season two will span four years leading right up to the opening scene of Rogue One. The 12 episode season will be broken up into 3 episode mini-arcs, each marking a year gone by.

Which Characters Will We See In Season 2?

We can assume a few characters will go through some things. Mon Mothma will likely lose her seat as Senator and probably her family before she ends up leading the Rebellion from the secret base on Yavin 4. The character of Luthen Real was created for the series and is unlikely to survive until the events of Rogue One.

I’m also really interested in the future of characters like Lonni Jung, the rebel spy in the Empire’s ISB, and Syril Karn who rescued ISB supervisor Dedra Meero. Is there a face turn in either of their futures?

Also, while season one included a few characters from other Star Wars stories it was purposely very few. As Andor progresses toward the events of Rogue One, which itself was a direct lead in to Episode IV: A New Hope, which characters from the wider Star Wars galaxy might appear?

Although I consider it unlikely, all the characters from the animated series Rebels are on the table (the two series take place over the same era in the Star Wars timeline). This includes a number of Jedi, a few Sith, and, of course, Darth Vader.

What About a Third Season?

I think it’s more likely we will see more of the Senators who supported the Rebellion, such as Bail Organa, the senator from Alderaan, or possibly his teenage daughter, Leia.

The spirit of season one was a spy thriller as the origin story for Cassian Andor (played by Diego Luna). What season two adopts as its main theme remains to be seen. What we do know is we won’t be seeing it until 2024.

One of the reasons Lucasfilm and Disney were able to secure the talents of Tony Gilroy was because they said he could do his own thing over the two seasons of the show. Two seasons was a period of time Gilroy was interested in as he then would go back to making movies after the time commitment TV production comes with. However, I have to wonder if one of returning Disney CEO Bob Iger’s first calls wasn’t to Kathleen Kennedy to see if season three might be on the table.

While I trust Tony Gilroy and his team to create an excellent second season, I personally would like more time to inhabit the lives and places these characters find themselves in.

I would love to read your thoughts about what you want to see in season 2 of Star Wars Andor on Disney+ in the comments below.

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  1. Slow burning, complex story with a huge payoff in episodes 10 & 12 especially. Can’t wait for season 2. And yes I agree with John that we’ll see more of the Organa family.

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