Park Hopping to Magic Kingdom temporarily prohibited

If you’re at Walt Disney World and planning to park hop to Magic Kingdom this afternoon, be aware that park hopping service has temporarily suspended due to crowds. This was not unexpected on the parks’ 50th Anniversary.

Update: as of 7:30 pm all parks were once again open for park hopping.

This is the message you see if you check park hours on the My Disney Experience app right now

Guests who have a park reservation are still being allowed in to the Magic Kingdom.

I wouldn’t be too upset right now. In fact, I’d zoom over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom where the waits are super low. Then check back on the Magic Kingdom later when crowds die down.

3 thoughts on “Park Hopping to Magic Kingdom temporarily prohibited”

  1. Hi there,
    We have park hopper tickets for our trip in 3 weeks and reservations for AK one morning with Boo Bash tickets that evening.
    My question to you is we have ADR at The Crystal Palace at 6:15, so if park hopping isn’t available and they don’t let us in until 7:00 do you think they’ll hold our dinner reservation?
    The Crystal Palace is very important to me only because it’s to commemorate the lunch I had there with my parents 50 years ago.
    Also what would you suggest to be the quickest, easiest way to get from AK to MK around 5:30ish?
    Thanks so much in advance. Always enjoy reading The Disney Blog.

    1. The no park hopping to Magic Kingdom is temporary, most likely due to the immense crowds wanting to visit the park for this first weekend of the 50th Anniversary celebration. That should change in three weeks when you arrive. Unfortunately I don’t see your dining reservation being held, but you can always call Disney dining and see if the reservation can be pushed to a later time. Dining times open up all the time due to cancellations.

      As for the quickest way to get from AK to MK, I suggest taking a bus from AK to Grand Floridian or Contemporary, and then taking the monorail to MK.

      Have a great visit!

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