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New Haunted Mansion Little Golden Book coming soon

The 999 happy haunts of Walt Disney’s The Haunted Mansion will soon receive their very own Little Golden Book. This spooky-fun classic attraction will take young readers on a tour of the iconic attraction’s ghoulish delights.

Oddly, although the book information from the publisher mentions Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, the stately manor on the cover of the book is the Disneyland version. Us Disney fans know the difference, but the average reader probably won’t notice.

Here’s the entire book blurb:

“It’s easy to get into the Haunted Mansion… but can you find your way out? Join the Ghost Host and search your way through all the creep-tastic rooms of Disney Parks’ Haunted Mansion-from the ominous Séance Room, to the ghoulish party in Grand Hall, to the attic that holds many scary secrets.”

“Perfect for Disney and Little Golden Book fans of all ages, this spooky story is great for Halloween or anytime. The book will be available in time for Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021, allowing you to celebrate no matter where you are!”

You can pre-order the Haunted Mansion LGB now for $5.99. It will ship on July 13, 2021.

Haunted Mansion little golden book cover

The beloved Little Golden Books children’s picture book series has been publishing new titles since 1942. If you’ve grown up in America since then, there’s a good chance you’ve owned at least one title. If you’re reading this blog, probably some Disney titles as well..

It’s wonderful to see a Disney classic like The Haunted Mansion and its spooky residents join in the tradition.

Penguin Randomhouse is releasing a series of Disney Classics Little Golden Books that draw their inspiration from iconic Disney theme park attractions. These include ‘It’s A Small World,” celebrating its 55th anniversary, and “Jungle Cruise,” as a tie-in to the upcoming movie of the same name.

Do you have a favorite Disney Little Golden Book from your childhood or that you like to read to your kids or grandkids? Let us know in the comments.