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Cute Rhino Baby alert! Ranger hits the Savanna for the first time

Ranger, the four-month-old white rhino calf
Ranger, the 4-month-old white rhino calf

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a new baby white rhino and he’s a precocious, fun loving calf. A few days ago we learned how he got his name – Ranger and who it honors.

Today we get the first photos of the now Four-month-old Ranger out on the savanna of Kilimanjaro Safaris. Ranger joined the crash (a rhino herd) of rhinos and has been seen wallowing happily in the mud and running around.

If you happen to be in the park, you now have a chance to see Ranger explore his new environment as he and his mother, Kendi, begin spending more time on the savanna after bonding for the past few months out of guest view.

As you can see by the photos, Ranger is already a big boy. In his first four months Ranger has grown to 600 pounds, nearly four times his birth weight.

Ranger, the 4-month-old white rhino calf wallowing in the mud

Ranger’s arrival is a big moment for Disney’s Animal Kingdom. He’s the first new calf to join the crash in five years. As such he’s already a favorite of Disney’s animal keepers.

I could talk endlessly about the work of Disney’s Animal Care team. I still recall one of the early Backstage Tours where you not only met the park Vice President, but also got to tour the animal care facilities, including the white rhino enclosure.

Ranger, the 4-month-old white rhino calf

I was definitely impressed with the facility and the way the staff cared for all the animals.

Each individual animal has their own care program with nutrition, engagement, and health closely monitored.

The story of the white rhino is one of conservation efforts’ big success stories. They’re still not a completely healthy population, but they were recently moved to Near Threatened after the successful breeding back of the bread in Africa and various facilities participating in the breeding program.

Kendi and Ranger will only appear part-time on the savanna at the start, but overtime they will spend more and more time out with the rest of the herd.

Keep your eyes peeled for mom and son on your next Kilimanjaro Safaris adventure! We hope to secure our own park pass soon and will keep our fingers crossed for a viewing.

(All photos courtesy Disney.)