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The next-gen USPS mail truck looks like it was designed by Pixar

Next Generation USPS mail truck

The United States Postal Service has unveiled the look of its next generation mail truck and people online are comparing it to a design created by Pixar Animation Studios.

We can definitely see how the boxy angular shape would fit into the world design of such popular Pixar movies like Up, Inside Out, and even the Cars franchise.

Compare it to the boxy big window look of the Anderson’s family’s Subaru Forester from “Inside Out.”

Yellow family car from Pixar's Inside Out

To be honest, we love the look.

Also, the new USPS fleet will be all electric, which is a key update if we want to keep carbon emissions as low as possible and forestall a rise in global temperature averages to less than 1.5 degrees C.

The big window up front and the grill that looks like it’s smiling at you, adds to the anthropomorphic look of the vehicle.

As you might guess, Twitter is all over this revelation.

This is 100% the movie Pixar story trust is already working on.

We wish this was true.

The contract was actually awarded to Oshkosh Defense out of Oskkosh, WI. The purpose-built, right-hand-drive vehicle will help the USPS meet its renewable energy goals with the first vehicle making its delivery rounds in 2023.

Eventually nearly 200,000 new trucks will be needed for the USPS fleet. So expect to have a few Pixar mail truck inspired dreams as you wait for your packages to be delivered.

What do you think? Do you see the Pixar inspiration?