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Sweet and Chill meet Disney Springs at new Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew

Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew sign

Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew, a new must-visit location at Disney Springs, features over-the-top sweet glazed donuts with cold brew coffee and a few other sweet treats.

As a kid from the Pacific Northwest, any place that offers coffee and donuts will always be close to my heart, so we had to stop by on our next visit to Disney Springs.

Here’s a quick video of our trip with a look inside Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew:

You’ll find Everglazed over on the West Side right next to the AMC Theater and across from Jaleo and Splitsville. It’s a short walk from the Orange Parking Garage, which means is very convenient if you just want to pop in and pick up a dozen donuts.

On our visit we settled for one each, a classic chocolate iced glazed donut for Indigo and the purple glazed ube vegan donut for me.

It was very busy at Disney Springs, so we were entered into a virtual queue. We gave the very polite workers our mobile number and about 90 minutes later we got a text telling us to come back

(We were on the complete opposite side of Disney Springs by that time, but they still welcomed us back when we did arrive.)

After checking in, we waited in a short queue where we were able to watch the donuts being made in the kitchen via large observation windows. No matter how old you get, seeing donuts being made fresh is always a cool treat.

Chocolate Iced Donut

This only served to make the mouth water even more, of course.

We opted just for donuts, but I might have to try some of the cold brew or nitro-infused chilled coffee on my next visit. If sweets aren’t your thing, there is a small sandwich menu too.

Everglazed Donuts sample tray

The donut come in two options, classic glazed and the funky bunch. The latter are topped with a variety of unique flavors. We’re told reliable that all of them are good, but the Maple Double Bacon Donut is extra special.

As we mentioned, there is even a vegan option for those of us who don’t eat anything that used to have a face. The Purple Glazed Ube is made with purple yams, but it’s a sweet potato and a wonderfully sweet donut as well.

Vegan Purple Glazed Ube donut

You’ll find a nice outdoor dining area in the shade of the movie theater building next door that’s perfect for those Instagramable poses with your favorite donuts and drinks, but you’ll be back again for the indulgent flavors.