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EPCOT honors the history of Jazz music in American Adventure

American Adventure hosts The soul of Jazz exhibit.
A new Jazz focused exhibit is open in EPCOT

The creation of Jazz is a distinctly American thing. So it makes sense that the new “The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure” exhibit would be on display inside the American Adventure pavilion at EPCOT.

“The Soul of Jazz” debuted Feb. 1, 2021, and is scheduled to continue beyond the end of the month.

Taking up one end of the American Adventure rotunda, the exhibit celebrates the distinctly American musical art form and shows how it originated with African American culture fused with the influences of many different cultures.

Disney’s Imagineers worked with jazz experts and institutions across the country to develop the exhibit. They even secured the rights to display some important instruments played by the Jazz legends you learn about.

Louis Armstrong Trumpet
Louis Armstrong Trumpet

The exhibit is centered around Joe Gardner, the Black jazz musician and school teacher from Disney and Pixar’s “Soul,” and showcases historic artifacts of real jazz musicians.

Guests will experience quick musical tour of the United States and learn about the origins of this colorful, inspiring and constantly evolving genre of music.

If you have the Play Disney Parks mobile app, you can also interact with this exhibit and test your knowledge of jazz.

The focus on Pixar’s “Soul” coincides with February’s Black History Month. However, some of the “Soul” themed exhibits will extend beyond the end of the month, including The Soul of Jazz in the American Adventure.

One extra bonus, for me at least, is the new soundtrack of Jazz playing inside the American Adventure. I sat there for more than a few minutes to just soak it all in.

Don’t miss “The Soul of Jazz” on your next visit to EPCOT.