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Disney at Home: Wedding photographer creates magical Frozen wedding with daughter’s dolls

What’s a wedding photographer to do when physical distancing guidelines means big weddings are off the table and video conferencing with the justice of the peace is in. KarLee followed her daughter’s suggestion and created what might be the most magic Disney’s Frozen II wedding photo shoot ever.

By using her daughter’s Disney doll collection, KarLee imagined what Anna and Kristoff’s wedding would be like and then photographed it in incredible detail with poses so real and familiar, you might feel like it’s the final chapter that didn’t make it into the movie.  

We asked KarLee if we could share a few of her photos here. What we love is how she was able to capture the feeling of a real wedding by carefully posing the figurines so it appeared they were making eye to eye connection. 

The wedding setting was also carefully crafted using a variety of small craft projects. Look at these chairs made out of Popsicle sticks and then stained. She hand crafted the flowers too.

And you know you can’t marry Anna to Kristoff without inviting other members of Disney’s Princess Court.

Lastly, what is a Disney wedding without a wedding video.

KarLee’s “Frozen II” wedding photography has been very popular online and now she’s using it to raise money for a non-profit food agency called No Kid Hungry. Here’s how you can help support this worthy cause.

Love this. Maybe one day soon KarLee will be able to take her daughter to Walt Disney World to re-stage this at the Fairytale Wedding Chapel with Disney’s walk-around Princess characters.

Go see the entire series of wedding photos on K&A Creative website.