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VIDEO: Disney Cruise Line’s “Beauty and the Beast” virtual viewing

Disney is sharing a few scenes from the “Beauty and the Beast” stage show normally exclusive to the Disney Dream. It’s part of the Mouse’s efforts to bring a little magic into the homes of Disney fans who are sequestering during this unprecedented era. 

According to Disney, “this first-of-its-kind video from Disney Cruise Line gives your family a front-row seat to the beloved story with favorite moments from our award-winning Broadway-style production.” 

This production of “Beauty and the Beast” retells the classic story from the original animated feature, but uses a lot of elements from the recent live-action film. This particular video features members of the opening cast from the show’s debut.

Beauty and the Beast on the Disney Dream
(Photo courtesy Disney. Steven Diaz, photographer)

Be sure to keep an eye out for the great puppetry used in the show for the enchanted servants. 

And now, without any further ado, Disney Cruise Line proudly presents “Beauty and the Beast” recorded on the Disney Dream:

We were there for the opening day of this show and remember being blown away by the amazing production value for a show on a cruise ship. We especially loved the over the top costumes and performances of the show stopping number, “Be Our Guest.” 

We covered the opening of this show on the Disney Dream in 2017 including a talk with the show’s production team.

We love how Disney brought what was then relatively new technology from Broadway to the sea to help make this show. 

There is also what looks like a Disney at Home project that will teach you how to fold your napkin to look like a little Tuxedo just like they do on the Disney Cruise line. Download the how-to file here and bring a little more of the Beauty and the Beast magic to your home.

After this show debuted there was some talk about reviving the full-length Broadway version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast musical, but with visual updates to reflect the new live-action movie. Let us know if you’d like to see a production like that on tour someday.