New Disney Alphabet Coffee Mug Collection

If you enjoy starting your morning off with a cup of joe in your favorite Disney coffee mug, you now have a new personalized option for your favorite caffeine delivery device. A new Disney-themed alphabet coffee mug collection has arrived at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World resorts.

The ABCDisney home decor collection features unique designs for each letter of the alphabet tied to a specific place or element of Disney’s iconic theme parks and stories. There are also some mugs that are unique to each coast.

With 26 different mugs you’ll have to spend $389.74 plus tax to get the complete alphabet. But really, who needs that many mugs? Also, pitty the people with long names. It’s $60 to spell out John, but Anastasia is $135 and you have to by four A’s and two S’s.

If you don’t collect mugs at all, there is also a ceramic box with lid set. Even though they’re smaller, they cost more at $18.99 a piece.

We spotted the ABCDisney mugs first in the Marketplace Co-op, but they were also for sale in World of Disney at Disney Springs.