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Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom to receive golden makeover

Jason Kirk, the Magic Kingdom’s Vice President, announced this morning that Cinderella Castle would be getting a magical upgrade with a new color scheme featuring a lot more gold than we see right now. The announcement was timed with the 70th anniversary of the Walt Disney animated classic “Cinderella.”

Cinderella Castle is the Magic Kingdom’s main weenie (an object that draws people into the park) and also the main place for celebrations and events. The concept art released today shows much of the decorative areas of the castle facade and stage area covered with gold. You may also notice a slightly more rosy hue to the paint than in this shot from May 2019. It looks like some of the spires will get a darker color too.

Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary is right around the corner. While the announcement doesn’t specifically mention the 50th anniversary, it’s typically thought of as the Golden Anniversary. Ergo…

The golden transformation is expected to begin soon and continue through the summer. The regular day and evening shows Castle shows will still be held, but check the Magic Kingdom’s daily show schedules just in case there are any unplanned closures.

Fans of Disneyland remember when the park went gold crazy for its 50th and hid golden logos across the park. I can’t help but think this is the first of many 50th anniversary related announcements we’ll be hearing about in the coming year.

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