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Rick Moranis will reprise role in new Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie

A few days ago, I saw a rumor floating around that Rick Moranis has signed on with Disney to reprise his role in Disney’s new Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie. Today that story was confirmed by Hollywood news rags like As a fan of Moranis’ work in films like the Shrunk movies, “Strange Brew,” “Parenthood,” and “Ghostbusters,” going back to his work at SCTV, I can’t tell you how happy this news makes me, I just hope the role is substantial.

The sequel titled “Shrunk” will star Josh Gad and will go to movie theaters, not Disney+. Gad will play the son of Moranis’ Wayne Szalinski. He shares his father’s passion for science and also accidentally shrinks the kids. Like father, like son, they say. Also returning is director Joe Johnston from the original film.

Rick Moranis has moved back to Canada for family reasons in 1997 and mostly retired from acting work, prefering voice over work where he didn’t have to be far from his family. One of the projects was Disney’s “Brother Bear.” Moranis had never said he was done with Hollywood forever, rather that he would be open to some roles if the timing was right and the project a worthwhile one.

I’m super excited to see Moranis back on the big screen and equally pumped to see what Disney can do with modern movie special effects to create the illusion of kids shrunk down to the size of ants.

If you recall, Disney’s Hollywood Studios once had a popular kids play area themed to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie and they had a 4D movie that played at Disneyland and EPCOT. I hope Imagineering is already dreaming up a way to return to the world of the Szalinski backyard putting guests in the movie as tiny ants.

What would you like to see in the parks? A movie, a play area, or a full attraction?

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  1. Yes!!!! The original is one of my favorite movies. So excited to hear he is back and that this sequel is going to hit the big screen. Can’t wait!

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