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World of Disney at Disney Springs Lunar New Year Collection

The World of Disney at Disney Springs store had a large display of Lunar New Year merchandise that was attracting a lot of attention on our most recent visit. It definitely caught our eye. The tradition of Lunar New Year is celebrated within Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese cultures and usually takes place around the end of January through early February.

We don’t remember Disney doing quite as much merchandise for the Lunar New Year in the past. There was maybe a t-shirt and a pin. This year, there is a spirit jersey, multiple t-shirts, cap, pins, mugs, wall displays and more. We really liked the elegant look of the Minnie Mouse Earband, but the entire line was well made with gold embellishments that made every product shine.

2020 is the year of the Rat, which Disney is choosing to call the year of the mouse, and who can blame them. While Disney California has a festival built up around the holiday, this is the first big presence I’ve seen at Walt Disney World. I hope they decide to do more in the future.