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‘Captain Marvel’ sequel moves into early development stage at Disney’s Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, is Marvel’s most powerful superhero and she’ll be back on the big screen in a new movie. Deadline reports that Marvel Studios’ has commissioned a script for a sequel to her origin story focused first film, which was also Marvel’s first film with a woman as the lead title character.

It’s our understanding that Brie Larson is signed to a multi-picture deal to play the Captain Marvel character in upcoming films. Her first film was technically “‘Avengers: Endgame,” which she filmed before her solo pic, even though the solo film hit theaters first.

“Captain Marvel” was no slouch at the box office pulling in a tidy $1.13 billion worldwide. It’s believed that Marvel Studios’ head Kevin Feige wants to use the Captain Marvel character as the new Captain America and build up a series of films with her and other characters along an over-arching storyline resulting in a big ensemble finale, similar to the Infinity War/Endgame movies.

Carol Danvers is imbued with powers on a cosmic scale, so I would also not be surprised if the story takes her in to deep space again where, perhaps, she encounters our favorite space faring Marvel Studios’ heroes – the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Deadline reports that Megan McDonnell, who is currently on the writing team behind the Disney+ Marvel series WandaVision, will be putting pen to paper to write the next script.

Are you ready for an encore movie from Captain Marvel?