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Disney’s Freeform says it’s ‘Not The Family Channel Anymore’

Yesterday was the fourth birthday of Disney’s Freeform channel and they wanted to show how they’ve grownup. The channel issued a statement on their Facebook page where they declared they’re “Definitely not the family channel anymore.”

It’s a pretty bold move aimed squarely at the ‘Teen Vogue’ or ‘Marie Claire’ audience. Young progressive teens and twenty somethings who have a little spending cash and a lot of anxiety about their futures. Sounds like fertile ground for story telling.

Here’s the full statement:

It’s Freeform’s 4th birthday, and well… There still seems to be a bit of confusion surrounding who we are now, so let’s clear that up.

ABC Family was a brand you knew and loved for years. Nostalgia is legit. But so is the reality that bold ideas outgrow the past. Which is not to say that Freeform is not for family viewing. It still is. Sometimes. SOMETIMES. Like how your favorite Disney and Pixar movies are still in full effect on Funday weekends.

The thing is…there are adults and “almost-adults”—a lot of them—who love both the animated classics ~and~ unapologetic conversation about what propels society forward. Y’all. Mickey Mouse has a Gucci line now. We out here. And Freeform is for us.

And while we’re telling good stories and having fun, we’re also doing things like—oh idk—championing racial equality, LGBTQ+ rights, women deserving equal pay for equal work, putting an end to standards of beauty and “the right body type” that are oh so tired, and sex… ‘Cause this stuff is all real and relevant to a lot of people.

We’re going to continue to be a different kind of network. One with a point of view that dares to talk about what matters, even at the risk of making a few folks uncomfortable, at first. To have meaningful conversation, sometimes you have to start the conversation. Listen, our social accounts are a place for discussion, and we always want to hear from you. So chime in, let your voice be heard. We’ve got lots to talk about and we’re just getting started. We’re not a traditional “family network” anymore, but you all are our family.

Party of Five on Freeform
party of Five on Freeform

The Spring 2020 Season on Freeform includes the new “Party of Five,” the second season of “Good Trouble,” and the third season of ‘grown-ish,’ and the fourth season of “the bold type.” New shows include “Everything’s Gonna be Okay” and “Motherland: Fort Salem.”

How do you feel about Disney’s Freeform being not okay for the youngsters on all of its shows? Do you have a favorite show on Freeform?