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Renting a Disney Sea Raycer and why it is worth it

Disney SeaRacer 2011

Walt Disney World’s theme parks are always a fun time for guests. Whether you are there for a day trip, a long vacation or a special occasion, you cannot go wrong with any of the four major theme parks, two water parks, or Disney Springs. However, park tickets have consistently gone up in price over the years and some parts of the year have such large crowds that you find yourself looking for something else to do. 

There are so many other things to do while on property and Molly and I are here to tell you try out a Disney Sea Raycer sometime. Sea Raycers are small two person water crafts that guests can rent out on various marinas on property. These blue and white mini boats are an absolute blast and although I had gone when I was a kid with my family, I was looking forward to going again as an adult. 

Molly and I rented one out alongside my brother and his girlfriend at Bay Lake Tower Resort and the Contemporary. You can also rent these out at the Yacht and Beach Club but I would recommend cruising around the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake. Once purchasing your time frame, you go through a quick safety lesson and learn that you can dock up and return these boats to any of the Major Resorts around the Lake. 

Before we knew it, we were on our way and we had a blast. There is so much room to operate and so much to see from a perspective you cannot get too many other places. Of course we went over to see the Magic Kingdom but we also checked out the Monorail Resorts from the water. You are able to get an excellent view of some of the very best Resorts on property such as the Polynesian, The Grand Floridian, The Wilderness Lodge, and, of course, The Contemporary and Bay Lake Tower. 

You never feel unsafe as there are security boats and safety boats out on the water to ensure you are in the right area and not intruding on the transportation services to and from the Magic Kingdom and these Resorts. 

Overall it was a super fun time for the four of us and is a quick and fun thing to do with your friends and family if you wanted a break from the Parks. Although you can rent these for a maximum of an hour, it is plenty of time to cruise around and we never felt rushed and even got back early. 

Typically these boats are sold for $32 per 30 minutes, $40 per 45 minutes and $45 per 60 minutes. However, the do run discounts for annual pass holders, cast members and more discounts so always be sure to ask. 

If you are looking for a change of scenery, you cannot go wrong with these boats and a pool day. There is so much to see at Walt Disney World Resort beyond the theme parks and this is just one example. 

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