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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Box Office slows, but still strikes down competition

The number one movie at the box office this weekend was Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. In its second weekend it sliced a healthy $72 million of the domestic pie. That brings its domestic total to $361 over 10 days of release. On this pace a $500M domestic total is well within reach. Sure ‘Rise’ is not going to match ‘The Force Awakens’ total of $933, but I don’t think anyone expected that.

Internationally, The Rise of Skywalker racked up another $94.3M credits. That brings its total overseas to $363M. Some international markets have really under-performed, particularly China. It does bring the first two weekends, 12 days, total to almost $725M.

Globally, The Rise of Skywalker is actually catching up to The Last Jedi in terms of overall performance. The Last Jedi ended up at $1.33B at the box office. Somewhere in that neighborhood would be very good showing for ‘Rise.’

We should also update the total for Walt Disney Animation Studios latest film Frozen 2. It managed to pull in another $16.5M this weekend domestically for a grand total of $417M. Globally it has now earned $1.21. That places it on a solid path to earn over $1.274B. When it does, Frozen 2 will become the highest grossing animated film, passing the original Frozen.

Note: Disney wants Hollywood to consider The Lion King (2019) as a live-action film, so we will consider it such here for box office numbers.

Are you planning to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker during its initial run or, perhaps, see it again?