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Making holiday magic with Disneyland Cast Member VoluntEARs

I’m always happy when Disneyland releases another ‘Every Role A Starring Role’ video. I love to meet the people who make the magic and learn about all the various job duties required to run a a theme park as storied and famous at Disneyland.

It’s also the time of year when people and companies are thinking about giving to or volunteering at charities of their choice, so it only makes sense that this time of year, the company would highlight Disneyland’s Corporate Citizenship Specialist – Quinn Shurian.

Part of Shurian’s job is to coordinate Disney VoluntEAR efforts year-round. During the holiday season that can involve the annual Toys for Tots toy drive, decorating for military families at Camp Pendleton, or visiting local senior living facilities with holiday gifts. According to Quinn, this season is one of his favorite times of year to be involved with Disney VoluntEARs events.

Adding up all the efforts in 2019, Quinn and other Disneyland Resort cast members collected more than 11,000 toys for children in need.

While Disney VoluntEARS efforts focus primarily on projects benefiting children and families, other key areas of focus including support of education, health, the environment, arts, social service initiatives, and military outreach.