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Magic Kingdom pathway to Grand Floridian Bridge installed

There’s more work to do, but Disney workers have installed the swinging bridge that will be part of a new walking path that will connect the Magic Kingdom with the Grand Floridian. The swinging bridge was required as that canal connects the Magic Kingdom’s Rivers of America to the repair dock in Bay Lake and is home to the Electrical Water Pageant.

The project still has a long ways to go before it’s ready to open. Disney has started to remove the old “Walk Around The World” paver stones and will need to put in a new wider pathway. Extra dirt is being trucked in to built up a little hill that will connect the pathway to the new swinging bridge.

Lastly, there is a second bridge over a smaller canal that will need to be constructed. This one doesn’t have to move though as it doesn’t connect to backstage areas.

Will being able to walk to the Magic Kingdom make staying at the Grand Floridian or Polynesian more attractive to you? I mean there is already a monorail, even if it doesn’t work all the time, and boats. Both lovely methods of travel.

1 thought on “Magic Kingdom pathway to Grand Floridian Bridge installed”

  1. As a DVC owner at the Grand Floridian, I consider this to be one of the smartest things Disney has constructed in years. The ability to avoid Disney transportation at park close is wonderful because the monorail experience is anything but a magical kiss goodnight. Plus this will lighten the load on the resort loop for everyone else.

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