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First look inside Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

In Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway you will step through the movie screen and into the world of Mickey, Minnie and their pals. You’ll burst into their colorful world where ‘mouse rules’ apply for a one of a kind attraction experience.

As part of the recent press event for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, the media was given a special preview of the queue and the first scene of the first ever Mickey Mouse ride-through attraction in any Disney theme park.

After the tour I filmed a quick reaction video, which I have below, along with a few fun tidbits from the Imagineers who are leading the project – Kevin Rafferty and Charita Carter.

I also was able to speak with Thomas Niederhiser, associate show manager from Walt Disney Imagineering, about some of the details of the attraction, including how the Chinese Theater and Mickey Mouse have a shared history:

I love how the queue and the first room, where guests will be invited to see the world premiere of the Mickey Mouse Perfect Picnic cartoon short, really feels like it’s part of the Chinese Theater. When you visit be sure to keep an eye open for Hidden Mickeys. There are quite a few I spotted in just the few minutes I was in the building.

The original Chinese Theater in Hollywood actually has a big history and played host to a number of Mickey Mouse cartoon debuts back in the day. As part of this attraction, you’ll see ‘debut’ posters for some of the new Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts as if they too debuted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Chinese Theater.

Disney Imagineers went to the archives to find some of the sound effects tools used by Disney foley artist Jimmy McDonald, who took over for the voice Mickey Mouse when Walt stepped down from the role. Among the cool items used in the attraction is the original whistle used in Steamboat Willie, which will be the train whistle in this ride.

From old technology to the latest and greatest.

Disney has partnered with Panasonic (If I recall correctly) to work on a new technology that makes 2D projections and screens look almost 3D. Call it 2D and a half. Add to that some Imagineering wizardry and you’ll have a one of a kind story that you can only find at Disney’s Hollywood Studios… that is until a clone of the ride opens in Disneyland’s Toontown.

I want to respect the surprise of this attraction, so I’ll stop there in terms of describing what’s on the ride. Are you any more excited about riding Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Runway?

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway opens March 4, 2020.