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Enjoy the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail with Jared & Molly

The Holidays just might be the best time to visit Walt Disney World. There is so much to see and do but at the same time, it is quite easy to spend a lot of money. Finding things to do on your Disney vacation that doesn’t cost money seems impossible. Well, I am here to tell you to visit Disney Springs and walk the Christmas tree trail this holiday season for no cost at all. 

Disney Springs does not cost any money to visit and every year they put together an incredibly festive holiday walk that allows guests to explore 22 different Disney inspired Christmas trees. Guests are able to visit each tree, listen to holiday music, experience falling snow, visit with Santa Claus, check out holiday merchandise and grab a snack along the way. 

The full list of Disney inspired Christmas trees is as follow: 

1.) Walt Disney World Theme Parks

2.) Mickey & Minnie Mouse

3.) Beauty & the Beast

4.) Sleeping Beauty

5.) Aladdin

6.) Frozen

7.) The Princess & The Frog

8.) The Little Mermaid

9.) Mulan

10.) Haunted Mansion

11.) Snow White

12.) Pinocchio

13.) Toy Story

14.) Disney Villains

15.) Dumbo

16.) Cinderella

17.) Star Wars

18.) Peter Pan

19.) Tangled

20.) The Lion King

21.) Mary Poppins

22.) Fantasia

Molly and I had not gone to check out this Christmas tree trail before and decided to go film a brand new video for you guys. You can check that out above to see our reactions to the trees and the experience. Overall we very much enjoyed this night out and would suggest anybody go experience it. It is a fantastic way to get into the holiday season without going deep into your pockets. 

The sun sets early this time of year, so arrive early in the evening and enjoy the trees at your own pace. Even when the trail gets crowded, if you stop and wait a few minutes there’s usually a break where you can get up close to each tree and check out the decorations.

As you expect with Disney there are opportunities to enjoy some holiday beverages and snacks along with some limited Christmas merchandise. There’s usually a Disney photopass person along the trail too.

We recommend entering from the plaza near The VOID and Earl of Sandwich. You can walk through in just a few minutes or spend most of an hour exploring all the trees and other fun decorations along the trail.

We have now filmed nine different videos covering the holidays at Walt Disney World between The Disney Blog and our channel so be sure to check all of those out! We are also officially on Instagram and starting some giveaways if you guys would like to come follow us and our adventures. Regardless, you can always find us on Facebook and on Youtube where we post weekly vlogs. Keep following The Disney Blog for more content and head to Disney Springs to enjoy this Christmas tree trail this holiday season.