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Where Starbucks is returning to EPCOT

EPCOT’s Future World transformation is well underway and one of the first casualties was the park’s Starbucks location, which was located in the Fountain View Cafe right across from the fountain of nations. Disney has always said that Starbucks will return to the park and now we know where.

The new location is more centrally situated in the border between Future World and World Showcase where the Imagination walkway exits next to the Canada pavilion. This location will be great for guests arriving to EPCOT from the International Gateway entrance, but will be a bit of a longer walk than usual for guests entering from the front of the park.

The new structure is situated where the old tiny restrooms were next to Refreshment Port (former home to cronuts and McDonald’s fries). A new larger restroom structure next door is also almost finished

We stopped by this weekend to see the new Starbucks. It looks like it was constructed offsite and then trucked in. A nice time saver.

Like at the second location at Disney Springs, this looks to be an outdoor window for ordering and pick up. Although work on the location isn’t finished yet. I do hope they add some sort of rain/shade structure to the outside where guests will congregate to order and wait for their drinks.

I’m also a little concerned it will be able to handle the volume of drinks the old location used to be able to produce with two sides instead of just one.

Disney has left one of the Food and Wine booth areas across from the Starbucks location and put some benches and tables there, which will make for a lovely lounge area to enjoy that Starbucks beverage when the weather is nice.

What do you think of the new Starbucks location at EPCOT?

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