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Columbia Sportswear taps into the Force with Special-Edition Star Wars Jackets

Whether you choose the dark side or light side of the force, this winter you’ll be able to stay warm and dry in whatever weather comes your way in the new Columbia Sportswear Challenger Jacket, Star Wars Force Edition. Fans can now choose their allegiance, whether it’s a black “dark side” jacket with Imperial details or the grey “light side” jacket with features honoring the Rebel Alliance.

If you’re a Star Wars super-fan you might want to purchase one these jackets signed by Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker. Hamill will only sign 25 jackets, which will sell for MSRP of $900 USD. All proceeds go to college access programs and scholarships selected by Hamill. These coveted signed jackets will be sold only at Columbia-branded retail locations in New York, NY; Disney Springs, FL; Downtown Portland Flagship, OR; Minneapolis, MN; and Seattle, WA.

Like the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Hot crew production jacket reproduction of a few years ago, I expect these will be big sellers, just maybe not in central Florida. Which means if you’re here you can probably pick one up at the Disney Springs location without too much a hassle on day 1.

The Star Wars Forced themed jacket includes writing in Aurebesh, the primary language in the Star Wars galaxy. The coded messages in the jackets translate to “May the Force be with you” in the light side rebel alliance style, and “You underestimate the power of the dark side,” in the dark side Imperial version. Other Aurebesh messages include vehicle identification numbers for Luke Skywalker’s X-wing Fighter as well as the Death Star.

The anorak-style jackets are a Columbia heritage style dating back to the ‘90s, and the team worked closely with Lucasfilm to incorporate features inspired by the Star Wars saga – specifically Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. The lining of each jacket matches both of the characters’ legendary lightsabers, which appear in the graphics. Columbia went out of their way to get the details right, even down to each lightsaber’s specific kyber crystal, which lies at the core of every Jedi or Sith lightsaber.

Additional features include a Rebel/light side or Imperial/dark side chest patch, a mesh sleeve pocket, zippered hand pockets, kangaroo pouch, and side-entry zip that provide extra utility while the adjustable hood, cuffs and hem deliver a just-right fit.

If you’ve worn a Columbia jacket before you know they’re made to hold up well to everyday use. These will include their trademark Omni-TECH waterproof-breathable shell and ynthetic insulation that will keep fans warm and dry in all weather conditions. You’ll be warm and look stylish just in time for the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

I know this post feels a little pitchy, but Columbia Sportswear comes from my hometown of Portland, Oregon, so I’m a little possessive. Also I love the Star Wars tie-in.

These specialty jackets will be available on starting at 12:01am EST on Dec. 6 and in-store at Columbia-branded retail locations in the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong SAR, and U.K. The Columbia jackets are unisex styles and will be sold for $200 USD, while supplies last.