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Disney’s Frozen 2 defrosts box office with mega-opening

Hollywood trackers had been noticing a cool-down at the movies, but Disney’s sequel to the 2013 box office behemoth Frozen has shown there is still life at the cinemaplex. Frozen 2 just had the best November opening ever for an animated film at an estimated $130 million domestically.

Frozen 2 also earned $223M at the international box office, with $53 million coming from China alone, bringing its worldwide total to $353.M. That pivot to Asia is looking pretty good right now from Bob Iger’s point of view.

Frozen 2‘s opening almost doubles the original’s 3-day opening of $67, which is a good sign for the sister led movie to gross more than $1 billion yet again.

Some other milestones for Frozen 2:

  • This is the best opening yet for any film from Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • It was the 5th best November opening every
  • It pushed Disney past $3 billion in domestic yearly grosses for the third time
  • It was the 4th best open ever for any animated movie and the best ever outside of summer release date.

If Frozen 2 does pass $1B at the worldwide box office, it will be Disney’s 6th film of the year to do so (7th if you include Sony’s Spider-Man: Far from Home which Marvel helped produce).

Now that Fox’s earnings are counted toward its total, the Mouse House has more than $3.5 billion in domestic box office receipts already in 2019. Most of Frozen 2‘s reign is ahead and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has yet to open, Disney’s stockholders should be pretty happy this holiday season.

Our review called it the most GenX Disney animated film yet. Did you see Disney’s Frozen 2 this weekend?.