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Disney CEO Bob Iger offering Masterclass on business strategy & leadership

Bob Iger in office

Following Disney’s acquisition of Capital Cities/ABC by then CEO Michael Eisner, Bob Iger rose quickly through the ranks of the Walt Disney Company right to the top where he’s now Chair of the Board and CEO. From there he continued expanding the company and solidifying it’s position as one of the world’s most elite entertainment companies. Now, Iger will be offering a special series of classes that will teach you his strategies for business and leadership.

The sessions will be offered exclusively via MasterClass, an online learning company.

“Bob is one of the best CEOs in the world. He’s a master strategist and leads with the utmost integrity,” said David Rogier, co-founder and CEO of MasterClass. “If you want to lead or understand how the best do, you have to take this class. In addition to the practical lessons, Bobs explains the strategy behind Disney’s most momentous initiatives, from the Pixar and Marvel acquisitions to building Disney+.”

The class will focus on making bold moves, taking smart risks and embracing change. It will also dig in to case studies of some of the biggest acquisitions Disney has ever made.

“I’ve had some great teachers and have learned many lessons,” said Iger. “With my MasterClass, I want to give back and impart what I’ve learned throughout my career. I’ll share insights into a number of things, including how Disney – and our great brands – operate, core leadership attributes, managing creativity and creative processes, creating a strategy and taking big risks.”

For aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs and those looking to become more effective and authentic leaders and managers, Iger’s MasterClass blends prescriptive teachings and captivating storytelling on how he grew Disney’s success in the age of disruption. In his class, Iger shares how to overcome odds with lessons learned from the acquisition of Pixar, the value of a brand, how to maximize growth with insights from the acquisition of Marvel and how to navigate change with perspective gained from the launches of ESPN+ and Disney+. Iger will also detail how to successfully master negotiation with advice from the industry-changing acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

It seems to me that there might also been some interest in this class from Disney fans and stock holders looking for some insight into how Iger created the industry titan that is the new Disney… and how he sees the future of the company. Will you consider signing up?

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