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Shula’s Steak House refreshes its look and menu as it celebrates a 30-year legacy

Editor’s Note: Please welcome friend of the blog Denise from Mousesteps who was able to attend a media preview of Shula’s Steak House new look & menu for The Disney Blog:

Shula’s Steak House turns 30 years old this year, and with that, it gets a refreshed look and menu starting with the flagship restaurant at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort. The feel of the restaurant is still on the upscale side but with a little less emphasis on football – although that is still a part of Shula’s, with the career of coach Don Shula noted both outside and inside the restaurant. Gone is anything having to do with football from the menu (remember when the menu used to be actually on a football?)

I don’t go to the restaurant enough to have noticed the menu changes had we not been told about them. Still on the menu are steaks, the jumbo baked potato that can be ordered as a side, and a couple of other staples that I’ve ordered previously. I was told that about half the menu was different than before, but that also means that half the menu is the same – and it’s a decently sized menu.

The sampling menu we were exploring on this visit had 17 items that we were told were either changed or are completely new. For example, the wedge salad has a bacon jam it did not include before. There is a delicious truffled cream corn instead of roasted corn, and even items like green beans are cooked differently.

One of the items we tried was a 22-oz Dry Aged Prime Cowboy – it is an excellent steak, I have only had great steaks at Shula’s. Apparently there is a new seasoning on at least some of the steaks. There is still a variety of other items for those who do not want steak, including a chicken dish (changed), Maryland-style crab cakes (changed) and sea scallops (changed). The 4 pound Maine lobster and some other items appear the same on the menu.

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For those who enjoyed Shula’s Steak House previously, I don’t see a reason that they won’t enjoy it as much or more than before. As someone who has dined here on rare occasion, it isn’t a significant enough change for me to notice – the quality of the food and service is still first rate.

If you have a Shula’s nearer to you than Walt Disney World, you’ll be happy to know that this update will serve as a model for the 7 other Shula’s Steak House locations around the country as an overall Shula’s Restaurant Group rebrand continues to roll out throughout 2019.

Thank you to Guest Blogger Denise visiting from Mousesteps today. Be sure to visit their Twitter account and subscribe to their YouTube channel, where they just celebrated an amazing 500 million views.