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Avengers: Endgame rules domestic box office battle one more weekend

“Detective Pikachu” tried hard to dismount “Avengers: Endgame” from the top of the domestic box office chart, but couldn’t quite muster enough special powers to win the duel. Let’s check the weekend box office estimates and see where Marvel Studios’ latest stands.

Endgame raked in a respectable $65 million at the domestic box office during its third weekend in theaters with a total domestic earnings of $724M. This pushes is past “Black Panther” ($700M) to the third spot on the highest grossing movies of all time list. Pikachu came in second with an opening frame of $58 million. A good showing for the little yellow fella.

The international box office was a slightly different story. Pikachu found enough clues to narrowly defeat Endgame at the foreign box office. With a wide open in 62 markets Pikachu earned $103 million, Endgame is now in just 55 markets, but it still managed $102 million in its third weekend.

For now, Endgame has earned $2.48 billion globally and is still in a solid second place behind the biggest film ever — “Avatar,” which holds a $300M lead at $2.78 billion. At its week over week diminishing rate, Endgame will take over first place in around 4 weeks. It faces its toughest fight yet when John Wick 3 opens next weekend.

Of course, defeating “Avatar” at the box office is something Marvel’s Avengers can’t do without their fans. Repeat viewing is what will push Endgame over the finish line. So fans, are you ready to do whatever it takes?

For a digestif, enjoy this video of Marvel employees reacting to seeing “Avengers: Endgame.”