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KareKare Curl water slide joins Aquatica at SeaWorld Orlando

The newest attraction to join the lineup of Aquatica’s excellent collection of water park fun is KareKare Curl, a raft ride that provides riders a high speed drop and a moment of weightlessness at the top of the boomerang wall.

“KareKare” means “waves” in the Maori language and when combined with “Curl” meaning in a curved shape, this new ride could be described as a “curve shaped wave” which riders will experience when climbing the vertical wave wall.

It opened last week with a short ceremony featuring Māori dancers.

The Disney Blog was invited to attend and try out the attraction for ourselves. We were able to get some great on-ride footage and secure an interview with one of the slide’s designers.

The ride itself starts off slow as you slowly descend in a long clockwise turn. At the end of the turn the bottom drops out of you and you plunge quickly down the hill only to rise up the boomerang portion where at the top you experience a brief moment of near weightlessness. From there it’s down the final short tube and into the exit pool.

It’s a two person ride only. Also note the weight limit of a total of 400 lbs between the two riders with no rider weighing more than 250 lbs. Time to get back to the gym for some of us here at the blog.

The ride length is about 25-30 seconds from push off to exit pool. Since only one raft is allowed on the ride at a time, that makes for a pretty low capacity on the attraction. That said, that’s not much different from most water park slides.

 KareKare Curl

Maori dancers helped dedicate the new attraction – KareKare Curl

Aquatica at SeaWorld Orlando continues to be one of our favorite water parks in the region. Not only are the rides a lot of fun, navigating the park is pretty easy (it’s basically one big loop). There are plenty of seating areas with options for sand or no sand. The only improvement we’d like to see is a step up in quality for the food beyond standard water park fare.

Have you ever visited Aquatica at SeaWorld? is Kare Kare Curl likely to make you want to visit soon?