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Breaking down a scene – Captain Marvel’s Directors on the big train fight scene

Movie fans know all about Vanity Fair’s excellent video series “Notes on a Scene.” Their latest episode features Captain Marvel’s directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck breaking down the fight scene on the Los Angeles Metro commuter train that features Carol Danvers as ‘Vers’ the Kree warrior tracking down a Skrull, who can shape shift. Which leads to the pretty shocking scene of Captain Marvel punching an old lady.

(If you can’t see the above, check out a shorter version of that video at the end of this article).

Some notes:

  • Of course, that scene was inspired by the French Connection. That lift seems obvious in retrospect.
  • Heidi and Renee Moneymaker need to get an Oscar for their stunt work. If you’re a fan of Marvel TV and movie work, you’ve seen them before.
  • Love the details of the 1995 LA Metro train, complete with the period accurate map. I noticee that during the movie. The fashion and attitude of the extras also felt very in tune with the period too.
  • Boden and Fleck keep talking up their extras. I hope everyone got an extra PB&J sandwich for their work. Of course, I won’t be able to un-see the extra swap now.
  • Always a pleasure to hear Boden and Fleck talk about their movie. They’re so passionate about the character of Carol Danvers and really did a fantastic job with Captain Marvel.

What was your favorite part of the train fight scene in Captain Marvel?