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Disney World’s mega 270-acre Solar farm now online

Hello and welcome to the future of green energy at Walt Disney World. The switch has been flipped on the massive 270-acre, 50-megawatt solar farm Disney has been constructing via the company controlled Reedy Creek Improvement District and in partnership with Origis Energy USA .

The green renewable energy generated is enough to effectively power two of Disney World’s four major theme parks for the entire year. It is part of The Walt Disney Company’s commitment to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% compared to its 2012 levels.

Here’s a fun time-lapse video of the solar facility construction process, filmed with a solar-powered camera naturally.

This new facility, located just to the west of the main Walt Disney World proeprty, compliments the 22-acre Mickey Mouse solar farm that opened near Epcot in 2016.

I definitely feel better about visiting Walt Disney World knowing that the attraction I’m on or hotel I’m staying in, is powered, at least in part, by green renewable energy. This is a great move from Disney.

Even the weather agreed displaying a great double rainbow during the solar farm’s construction: