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Marvel beefing up its content on Hulu with adult animated series

Erstwhile ‘fowl’-mouthed comic book anti-hero Howard the Duck has gone from having his own movie in 1986, to a couple cameos in the recent Guardians of the Galaxy movies, to now possibly having his own animated TV series on the Hulu streaming service.

Howard the Duck
is one of four new original adult animated series coming to Hulu. Also on the list are Tigra and Dazzler, Hit-Monkey, and M.O.D.O.K.. The four series will eventually cross over in Marvel’s The Offenders special.

According to Hulu’s content chief Craig Erwich “Marvel’s Runaways” is likely to return for a third season. We’re really happy with the performance of Runaways, both creatively and in terms of its performance, and we’ll have an announcement shortly,” said Erwich.

The announcements while talking to reporters at the Television Critics Association.

With Netflix canceling most of the Marvel based series on its platform and Disney finishing its purchase of 21st Century Fox sometime this spring, resulting in a 60% ownership of Hulu, these announcements were not unexpected.

Hulu will partner well with Disney+, a new direct-to-consumer streaming service set to roll out later this year, offering up content that doesn’t sit well under the Disney name. This includes some Marvel titles and probably a number of franchises Disney is acquiring from Fox.

Lea Thompson, who co-stared in the 1986 Howard The Duck film, recently pitched a script for a HtD film to Marvel. She says they loved it. If this animated series can show some momentum, never say never for an HtD sequel.

Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel will also be the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie that won’t show on Netflix. Instead it will head to the Disney+ direct-to-consumer streaming platform.

(Via Deadline)

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