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8-year-old Transplant Recipient Surprised by Minnie Mouse, trip to Walt Disney World

It was a big week for one of Minnie Mouse’s biggest fans, 8-year-old Lexi had a successful kidney transplant procedure with a kidney donated by her dad. Lexi faces a number of lifelong health issues, but her doctors and her family say she repeatedly surprises them with her resilience and exuberance and this time was no different.

Following her surgery, Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan visited Lexi at Mount Sinai Hospital with a surprise guest – her favorite Disney character, Minnie Mouse! The two shared a heartwarming exchange which led to an even bigger surprise: an invitation for Lexi and her family to visit Minnie again during a future trip to Walt Disney World Resort.

Lexi’s incredible journey to health is just one of many stories Disney is sharing as part of the company’s $100 million commitment to improve the family and patient experience at children’s hospitals around the world. This patient-focused initiative expands the rich legacy of supporting children’s hospitals, dating back to Walt Disney himself.

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