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New concept art for Spider-Man attraction coming to Marvel-land at Disney California Adventure

Last year a completely immersive Super Hero Marvel Universe was announced for Disney California Adventure. Since then Bug’s Land has been closed and work has begun on the plot adjacent to Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! When its done you’ll be able to team up with your favorite comic book heroes like never before.

One of the attractions planned for the new Marvel-themed land will feature your favorite web-slinger Spider-Man. Thanks to the New York Times, we now have our first look at new concept art for the exterior of that attraction.

The concept art shows the Avengers logo, a Stark industries owned building and then some sort of spidery logo on the flags and red section of the building. From the angle of the concept art, it looks like they’ll be using the show building of “A Bug’s Life” for the Spider-Man attraction.

There are still only rumors as to exactly what ride system that Spider-Man attraction will use. We’ve heard that it might be as simple as a spinner or some sort of screen-based shooter (think Midway Mania) where guests can do their own ‘web-slinging’ to catch criminals. We’re also waiting on an official name.

The second attraction is expected to be an Avengers themed roller coaster attraction that will be built as part of phase 2 of the Marvel-land project.

If you want to get your Marvel on at DCA today, you can already find Spider-Man and other Marvel comic book characters doing meet and greets with guests at Disney California Adventure.

It was also announced that Captain Marvel would be dropping in for meet and greets with her fans in early 2019