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Mickey Mouse Club merchandise debuts at World of Disney store in Disney Springs

Long time readers of the blog know we like to keep a close eye on what’s new and interesting in Disney’s merchandising lines at Walt Disney World. At a preview of the newly reimagined World of Disney Store in Disney Springs, we recently had the opportunity to speak with Stefanie Whitmore who works for Disney Parks leading development on a number of merchandise lines.

Whitmore shared with us some of the exciting new items debuting in two areas of her expertise – Minnie Mouse Ears headbands and Mickey Ears and the new Mickey Mouse Club collection.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse hears have been a popular trend for the last few years with some of the ears (Rose Gold anyone?) often becoming an obsession among fashion forward fans. If you’re a Disney theme park fan, there’s a good chance you’ve worn a pair of Mickey Ears or Minnie Mouse Ears headbands over the years. Disney has remained very inventive keeping up with trends and introducing new looks for guests.

We love the new Mickey Mouse Hats. The beautiful pattern fabric interior lining that pays homage to the original show sets them apart from other similar hats in our collection. The new ears are part of the new Mickey Mouse Club line that is launching as part of the reimagining of the World of Disney. There’s a wide range of merchandise that capitalizes heavily on nostalgia. Which is great in our mind because we love Mickey Mouse.

The grand reveal for the reimagined World of Disney store at Disney Springs will be on October 27th. Hope to see you there.

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